Joel Landau

Joel Landau is a visionary healthcare entrepreneur known for delivering high-quality care to seniors in nursing homes throughout New York. By combining cutting-edge technology with the everyday sensitivity of a top-notch, dedicated staff, Landau ensures positive patient experiences and the best possible outcomes.

Joel Landau was drawn to the healthcare field, and eldercare especially, as a result of his own experiences. Specifically, he found that the care his ailing grandfather received did not meet his expectations, leading Landau to create a healthcare network that combined the comprehensive care and integrated programs of for-profit facilities with the mission-driven and community-minded approach of nonprofits.

The result was The Allure Group, a network of New York City-based nursing homes that Landau co-founded in 2012. To build and expand that network, Landau and his team overhaul existing facilities and transform them into nursing homes and rehab centers capable of meeting patients’ short- and long-term needs.

Innovation is central to that mission, and Joel Landau continues to provide the most up-to-date medical technology in each of The Allure Group’s facilities. At Hamilton Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, for example, patients have access to such equipment as the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill, which facilitates rehabilitation of the lower extremities, and the Jintronix virtual reality program, which aids in stroke recovery. Other technology available throughout The Allure Group’s network include:

  • PadinMotion technology — a Samsung tablet placed alongside all 1,400-plus beds in The Allure Group’s facilities, providing residents with entertainment options and the ability to contact loved ones;
  • EarlySense — a remote monitoring system that enables staff to track residents’ vital signs and body movements through sensors that are placed under mattresses;
  • Telemet NYK — a monitoring system geared specifically toward cardiac patients;
  • Vis A Vis — a telehealth solution that allows patients to make a virtual doctor’s visit following discharge from an Allure facility, via a hand-held device.

Joel Landau is forever forward-thinking. To that end he not only monitors developments throughout the industry, but also regularly visits with staff in all departments to solicit ideas from resident groups in each of the facilities. That enables him to keep his finger on the pulse of the senior care industry while maintaining strong ties with staff and residents.

Landau maintains a particularly strong emphasis on community-minded management, where quality of life is top of mind and residents’ cultural needs are met. At Hamilton Park, residents have access to first-rate amenities including a beauty salon, family lounge, chapel and large private and semi-private rooms. Hamilton Park’s Chinese residents find the facility’s Longevity Garden program particularly comforting, as it provides authentic meals, bilingual programs, and rehabilitation care delivered by staff fluent in various Chinese dialects.

Joel Landau is also a co-founder of Pinta Capital Partners, a healthcare private equity investment firm focused exclusively on the industry’s lower middle market, including managed long-term care, behavioral healthcare, skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living and memory care.

Joel Landau is a member of the Forbes New York Business Council, and his writing has been featured on leading business and healthcare publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNBC and McKnight’s.